Participation and Work Ethic

Club members are instructed at levels equal to their abilities. We have 2-3 major levels of participation in the club: Beginner, Advanced, and Elite. These different levels indicate years of experience and wrestling abilities of the wrestler.  

Wrestling is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of work and dedication to be successful. Just as in any other sport, wrestling is a skill that must be developed. There is simply no substitute for time on the mat to improve skills. The more one wrestles and drills techniques, the better he/she will be and the more fun they will have in the sport of wrestling.

The primary emphasis is not to win every match, but to develop skills that lead to increased performance at all levels of competition. We work on the principle of muscle memory, which states that your body and muscles remember repetitive motions. The brain knowledge is the start, but in every sport, muscle and technique practice must occur to perfect the motion.

Mental Attitude

Wrestlers in our club need to maintain a positive attitude no matter what the outcome of a practice, meet, or tournament. The club strives to support positive attitudes by participation, encouragement, and by peer influence.  

Sportsman like conduct on the part of everyone associated with the club is of the ultimate importance. Part of the reason for our success as a club is that we hold ourselves to higher standards as wrestlers, coaches, and parents. It is how you win or how you lose that demonstrates attitude and character that we strive to teach our kids.

The Match

A match consists of three periods plus overtime if the match is tied at the end of the third period.

First Period- Start is from the standing or neutral position. Both wrestlers must attempt to stay inside the circle while on their feet and earn a takedown.

Second Period- Start is from either the referee’s position or neutral position. Choice of position is decided by a coin toss. Winner chooses up, down, neutral, or he may defer to his opponent. If he chooses to defer, he will have the choice in the third period, assuming the match continues to the third period.

Third Period - Start is from either the referee’s position or neutral position. The loser of the second period coin toss now has the choice of up, down, or neutral.

Overtime- A 30 second period begins in the neutral position. The first wrestler to score a point wins. If no points are scored, then a choice will be given to the wrestler who scored in the match first. He will choose top or bottom. The top wrestler must ride and the bottom wrestler must escape to win the match for 30 seconds.

Keeping Score

It is important to keep track of whom your son wrestles and final scores. A notebook with each match listed would be sufficient. Include the name of the opponent, what club he wrestles for, win or loss, and the final score or pin.

This information becomes important as we enter our boys in some of the larger events where they have a seeding meeting. Boys with better records and scores against similar opponents will earn the top seeds in a bracket. This makes a wrestler’s road to a medal a little easier.

Also, there is a portion of the site that is dedicated to compiling the results information from tournaments. A wrestler or parent can enter the final results under the tournaments results section on the club’s website.

Parent & Siblings Attending Practice

Please keep non-wrestling siblings off of the wrestling mats.   We have had several problems with siblings getting injured before or after practice while “playing” on the mats. No one is allowed into the wrestling room with street shoes and this INCLUDES PARENTS. Please remove your street shoes before walking on the mats.


Fungi and bacteria can be transmitted from one individual to another. This happens all of the time in everyday life. Due to the close contact of wrestling, we highly recommend that the boys take a shower immediately after practice upon returning home.  We mop the mats daily and encourage good hygiene. If a wrestler notices a rash, immediately notify a coach. No wrestler may compete or practice with an unidentified rash. Most rashes and or skin conditions can be treated in a few days and are more of a nuisance than anything.

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