Sponsored Details

The tournaments with the Badger icon  next to them are the SIX Bonhomme Sponsored tournaments for the season. You must register on the club site by the deadline date to participate.  If you miss the deadline for a Bonhomme Sponsored tournament, you must register and pay for the tournament on your own.  Tournaments labeled "A" are for "Advanced Wrestlers" and those labeled "B" are for "Beginner Wrestlers".  The Tournament Registration Deadlines are at 12:00 midnight on the dates listed below and online tournament registration is only available for those designated with a "Yes" below.  Please remember that Bonhomme will only pay the tournament fee for those six tournaments listed as Bonhomme Sponsored.  All others will require each family to pay their entry fees at the door the day of the event.

This is not a complete listing of tourrnements that are availible. For a complete listing click on the links below.

Complete USA Missouri sanctioned listings

Complete AAU Listings


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AAU Tournaments


  Date Event Location Level PDF Reg. Deadline Online Reg.
   11/28/21  Howell Central Spartan Francis Howell Central HS A  Howell Central    Yes 
  12/5/21 MARQUETTE BEGINNERS  MARQUETTE HS B 2021 Beginners   Yes
  12/5/21  Howell North WrestlingTournement Francis Howell North A/B FHN  


  12/12/21 NORTHWEST JR LIONS NORHTWEST HS A/B https://find2.aausports.org/play/event-files/flyers/27833B00-B7A6-41A3-91B7-66788987DE6E_flyer.PDF   yes
  12/19/21 Zebra Classic Lafayette HS A/B Zebra Classic   yes
1/9/22 MO Challenge - Beginner Fox HS   MO Challenge Flyer   Yes
1/8/22 MO Challenge - Advanced Fox HS   MO Challenge Flyer   Yes
  1/5/20       Hawk Brawl   Yes
          Northwest   Yes
1/16/22 Ozarks Championship (Blue & Gold) Lindbergh HS   Ozarks Championship   Yes
  1/30/22 JR VIKING TOURNAMENT Francis Howell HS   Ryan Griffen Memorial Flyer   Yes
2/6/22 Jr. Patriots Tournament arkway South HS   Jr. Patriots Tournement Flyer   Yes
          Fox Invitational - No
2/26/22 AAU State - Beginners (Gold) St. Charles West HS   AAU State Beginners   Yes
2/27/22 AAU State - Advanced (Blue) St. Charles West HS   AAU State Advanced   Yes

USA Tournaments


  Date Event Location Level PDF Reg. Deadline  Online Reg.
12/07/18 Tri State Hammer Classic Palmyra HS USA TSHC   YES
  12/15/19 Tonka Tough Open/Novice Winnetonka HS USA-2 Tonka    No
1/04/20  Scrap for the Strap Hannibal HS US SFTS    YES
02/1/19 Missouri Nationals - Open Civic Center, Lebanon, MO USA-4 MO Nationals 1/29/17 NO - Trackwrestling
  02/2/18 Missouri Nationals -Novice Civic Center, Lebanon, MO B MO Nationals 2/3-2/4 NO - Trackwrestling
  2/08/20 Kirksville Tiger Classic Kirksville Primary School A, B Tiger Classic   NO

02/29/20 USA District 8 Hillsboro MO USA-5     Yes
  03/07/20 USA Region D - (must qualify)  Seckman, MO USA-6     Yes
  03/13/19 USA State Rounds 1-6 - (must qualify) HY-VEE Arena, Kansas City MO USA-7     Yes
  03/15/19 USA State Medal Rounds - (must qualify) HY-VEE Arena, Kansas City MO USA-7      


Tournament Information

Throughout the season there are many tournaments in which wrestlers can and are encouraged to compete. However, Bonhomme has identified six (6) locally sponsored tournaments that we encourage all wrestlers to participate during the season that is paid directly by Bonhomme through your fees.  

IMPORTANT: Sponsored tournament sign-ups will take place on the website and you must register your wrestler for participation by the deadline listed.

Any tournaments that a wrestler attends outside of  the six sponsored club tournaments must be paid for by the wrestler’s family.  If a wrestler registers for a Bonhomme sponsored tournament but does not attend, it will count as one of the 6 included with registration. For Bonhomme sponsored tournaments, we send a payment for all of our registered wrestlers…even if they do not show up! 

If your wrestler wants to participate in other non-Bonhomme sponsored tournaments, they are encouraged to do so. Most tournament entry fees cost around $15-$20 and registration and payment is the responsibility of the parent prior to the tournament date.  There are many beginner tournaments for first year wrestlers throughout the season.