Code of Ethics

Bonhomme Wrestling Club offers a valuable program to young individuals in the Saint Louis area. A code of ethics has been developed that will benefit all involved. Please read and abide by these important points.

Remember, your actions affect the health and well-being of the Bonhomme Wrestling Club. Your child, their teammates, and other young individuals will be influenced by your actions. Therefore, we all need to strive to be a positive influence and conduct ourselves at all times, in a sportsman like manner.

  • Encourage your child and their teammates.
    • Get to know other team members as well as their families. Although wrestling is an individual sport, we are a team and should try to sit together and cheer for all team members at the tournaments. Win or lose, find the positive side of the match.
  • Only persons with an AAU or USA coach’s card can sit mat side at a tournament.
    • Parents who are not AAU and or USA certified coaches are required to stay in the stands and support your son or daughter as a spectator.
  • Do not criticize your wrestler, their coaches or any referee on or off the mat.
    • If you have constructive suggestions or comments, please speak with one of the coaches or your child directly. A positive parental role model is one of the most important parts in developing a successful youth wrestler. Win or lose, a parent should be a guiding and supporting light. Pick one good thing from each match and build on it with your child. We do not lose, we learn.
  • Do not use words that malign or defame other competitors. This is, after all, only a little league sport!
    • Most tournaments have security available for disruptive coaches and spectators. If you are being disruptive, you may be asked to leave if you are unable to control yourself.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the presence of the wrestlers.
    • Never attend practices or matches while intoxicated. If you are found to be under the influence, you will be asked to leave the facility and removed from the practice environment or tournament.