What to expect as a new wrestler

As parents, we all want our children to be safe and happy, including when they are participating in athletics. Youth wrestling is generally regarded as a very safe activity as compared to soccer, football, and many other team sports since it is performed on a padded surface and is a close contact sport that does not involve full speed collisions. If you are a parent that is considering registering your son for the first time in youth wrestling, your biggest fear is probably that you don’t want your son to be thrown in with older, larger or much more experienced kids that could either injure or demoralize your son. To keep these things from happening, Bonhomme Wrestling has a “Beginner Practice Room” that is solely dedicated to FIRST YEAR wrestlers that desire an introduction to the sport!  For younger kids (up to the age of 7), we also now have the "Little Badger" program which is a FUN and low key weekly introduction camp that will include lots of fun games and contests to help teach young kids how to tumble, roll and move around the wresting mat while learning a few of the key fundamentals of the sport along the way!


Bonhomme’s “Beginner Practice Room” is coached by highly experienced wrestling coaches that understand how to teach the fundamentals of the sport to first year wrestlers in a controlled and safe manner. In the Beginner Practice Room your first year wrestler will be paired with other first year wrestlers that are approximate to his size and age and as he progresses he will have the ability to choose his own practice partners each night at practice. During your son’s first year of wrestling he will also have the ability to attend “Beginner” wrestling tournaments that are exclusively for first year wrestlers where once again he will be paired with other boys that are approximate to his weight and his age so that the matches are kept fair! As he progresses in the sport and gains more confidence, if you and he desire a higher level of competition, you can also participate in mixed tournaments where he can get access to both first year wrestlers and less skilled second or third year wrestlers.


The benefits of participating in youth wrestling are numerous, and after participating for even one year, most boys will see an improvement in their overall level of athleticism and confidence in all of their sports as well! Youth wrestling will help provide your son with enhanced self-confidence and mental toughness, enhanced physical strength and agility, and an ability to defend himself as he gets older. Aside from the mental and physical benefits he will receive, the best thing about youth wrestling is that there is a place for both the big kids as well as the smaller kids, and there are NO POLITICS involved since there are no “starters” or “backups” and there are no positions to worry about in wrestling! Every boy will have the ability to get an equal number of practice reps in the “Beginner Practice Room” and every boy will get an equal number of matches when he goes to a tournament and his success will completely dependent upon how hard he chooses to work in practice, rather than being determined by a parent coach! If you are like most of our parents, you will find youth wrestling and the Bonhomme Wrestling Club to be a breath of fresh air as compared to your son’s other youth team sports!